Forest Heims | Contact Info

Particular interests of mine include bioinformatics, psychology, 3D engineering, audio engineering, audio visualization, game development, Linux, cybersecurity, computational chemistry/biology, genetic algorithms, drug discovery, organic chemistry, psychopharmacology, psychonautics, and open source software and education.

I come from an academic background of chemistry, philosophy, and art. Education will always be a value I hold, and I also love to teach and continuously learn.

Some of my hobbies include hiking, juggling, surfing the web, rollerskating, and printmaking. Essential Oil and Hydrosol distillation is a process I am also fond of practicing and learning about.

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A personal project I've been working on for fun and to keep coding and trying out some of the newest libraries and frameworks. This is set up as a template repo for anyone interested in diving into Three.js without much dev ops hassle.